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[FREE] Click Friends


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A cool new app Click Friends


★★★ Introducing  Click Friends★★



Has someone nearby caught your eye? Just looking to meet some new local people? Too shy to approach that someone special?

Then use Click Friends app to send them a quick request, add them to your friends list and swap contact details!

New users need to create a free profile, optionally they can upload a photo, add contact details and links to their social profiles, age and tagline.

After logging in you can start your search. Let the app automatically find your location using various methods including GPS. Or you can even enter your location manually to any city / town in the world. Set the max search distance and the app will find the 5 nearest active users. Click on the users profile in the list to see their basic profile. Click on their picture to send them a request to see their full profile.

The app will automatically update your location if you are using GPS, so if you change location press Search again to update the list of users nearby.

After you send a request they will be added to your "pending" friends list. Click on Requests on the main menu to see all requests. You will also see requests received from other users who want to see you details. Simply click on "Received" then click on a profile listed to approve them. Click on "Friends" to see a list of users who have approved you to see their full profiles. Click on a profile to view it.

The app checks for new requests every 15 seconds, you can increase or decrease this interval or completely switch off automatic updates from the Settings screen. When active you will get a notification every time someone requests your details and when users approve your requests.

On the main menu you can set your visibility on or off. When off you can leave the app running but others will not be able to see you in search results.

The app depends on a continuous network wifi or data connection. Do not leave the app running in the background if you wish to preserve data allowance.

In some cases users may submit personal contact details including mobile number, full name and email address. This information will be stored confidentially on our server. Please note that all friends you approve will be able to see all these details on your profile page.

So don't wait, Click Friends today and who knows who you might bump into..


 Link to google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=appinventor.ai_riazfir.ClickFriends


Requires Android:  1.5 and up

I recommend you to download this new and awesome app.

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