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Wrath Of Obama


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A cool new game Wrath of Obama ★★★ Introducing  Wrath of Obama ★★★



Get ready to battle the cold-war-turned-hot in this innovative action-strategy blend by dark-humor game-company Ankaar Productions.

Follow President Obamaís quest to unravel a much darker mystery at the heart of a global crisis that will end up uniting 2 former enemies against a new common enemy.

As the hordes of communist-undead rise, lead by an awoken Lenin-demon, threaten the survival of mankind; President Obama and Putin unite to engage this new threat together. Will you be able to stop this menace and unite the peoples of earth? or will you allow the communist-undead to take over and plunge the world into darkness.

Ready the weapons, as this is going to be a battle of mythical proportions!

Features include:

-Authentic Obama and Putin impersonations

-Beautiful, fully animated graphics

-Incredible action-packed story with mind-boggling plot-twists

-Unique hybrid action-strategy gameplay

-Unique top-down flight action gameplay

-A wide variety of weapons, units, powers, and more

-Fight in the Ukraine, Moscow and even New York!

-Play as president Obama and unravel the mysteries of this crisis!

Creating innovative, fun dark-humor games is at the core of Ankaar Productions. Following the success of 'Fuhrer in LA', Wrath of Obamaí follows the US president in a unique tale of deceit and dark mystery as the plot regarding this international crisis unfolds to mythic proportions.

 Link to google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ankaarproductions.wrathofobama


Requires Android:  2.3 and up

I recommend you to download this new and awesome game.


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