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[Free] Math Fish Eat Numbers


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A cool new game Math Fish Eat Numbers ★★★ Introducing  Math Fish Eat Numbers ★★★



Math Fish Eat Numbers is a fun game that challenges you to combine numbers to match the answer Math Fish is hungry for! The target number will appear on his belly and you have to drag number bubbles together to add or subtract for the target number. Once you have the right number, the Math Fish will gobble it up, and you can watch him grow! Math Fish makes learning addition, subtraction, and even negative numbers so much fun! In fact, it just feels like a fun game! With over 75 cool and challenging levels and many different fish species to unlock, Math Fish Eat Numbers will have you completely addicted to this way of math learning, which is entertaining and rewarding!

Math Fish Eat Numbers Features:

- Fun math learning (Essential life skills)

- Cool graphics and game play

- 75 outstanding levels of math challenges

- Addition, subtraction, and negative numbers

- Unlock exciting new species as you feed your fish and level up!

- Math Fish Eat Numbers is designed to be integrated into and compliment elementary school curriculums

- Ad supported so we can bring you the best learning apps for free (No ads in full version)

Math Fish Eat Numbers is an extremely fun and rewarding game that blends learning and gaming. Download it now!

 Link to google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kissta.mathfish


Requires Android:  2.3 and up

I recommend you to download this new and awesome game.


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