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Theme Pack - Collection of Themes for Windows 7- (x86x64)


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Theme Pack - Collection of Themes for Windows 7- (x86x64)

[Must download awesome collection]

Posted Image

19 Themes | OS : Windows® 7 | Year : 2011 | 206 MB

In front of you - a collection of themes

for the holders of the operating system, Windows 7. If you like to change the look of Windows 7, so this collection - for you.


Alienware Red by Nemo

Atlantis by 2befree

Blue night by bigcyco1

Blackmetal by mlhan Blue Run by Creator

Citrin7 by dangzster

Cayon-X by aymenGH99

COLD by WNapoli

DiRT 3 by Dimasalang

Future by Creator Nameless Red by gor17981

Win7 charm by knownfriends

H2O Premium Theme Windows 7 by Mr Grim

Toxic Premium Theme Windows 7 by

Mr. Grim HUD Green

Metro Lite Suite by exsess

RT by Creator

Zeroth by kiermats

Posted Image

Posted Image

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Guest prayaas1998

So, it would be better if we could see bigger screenshots of what the themes actually are before downloading 200 MB.. :) Also mention, if it would work with a Service Pack or not. (File version integrity check will fail as a file will have version 6.1.7600 while the system wants 6.1.7601 or vice-versa)

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