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IT agents theft software 2.0


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This is the best mobile phone security software if you ask me. I lost my mobile phone twice so I'd like to help out everyone I can in securing their mobile devices. The only sad part is that they will not be further updating this and it is officially unsupported with Anna and Belle. It's working perfectly fine on Anna. N8 users using the leaked Belle, please let us know if this is working for you. Also, if you have any questions regarding this application, let me know. I've been using this for quite some time now so I have somewhat a lot of experience with this. Here's the ITAgent's description of the application: Quote Stop the Mobile Phone Thief 2.0 When a mobile phone involuntarily changes its owner, this doesn’t have to mean that it is lost. Provided that the mobile phone has Theft Aware installed, the anti-theft program for mobile phones. Much to the chagrin of all pickpockets, the new version 2.0 is now avail-able for downloading. Zero Tolerance for Mobile Phone Thieves is the motto of the programmers of ITAgents from Linz in Austria. Their software Theft Aware is considered the most effective and intelligent tool in the industry for protecting a mobile phone from illegal access and/or for finding it again. The rollout of the new version 2.0 provides the optimal motivation to all pickpockets to return to the straight and narrow. Simple Access to the Mobile via SMS Theft Aware 2.0 was developed on the basis of its tried and thousands of times used and proven predecessor, version 1.5. The software convinces with intelligent features and efficient usability. The legal owner communicates with his stolen or lost mobile phone simply via text messaging. This way he finds out where his phone is hiding at any time. Very clever is also the data retrieval function which can transmit contacts, call records and text messages from the stolen mobile phone to another one. After that, the Wipe function can be applied to remove all data from the stolen mobile phone, includ-ing the memory card. This makes sure that the thief cannot get any insight into the communication habits of the legal owner. You can also select a loud siren tone and trigger it off with your text mes-sage. The sound is loud enough to scare any thief to death! In addition to that, Theft Aware turns any mobile phone into a detective. The command “Call-back” is all you need to be able to secretly listen in on the thief’s conversations anywhere, at any time. Even More Features With version 2.0, ITAgents has taken the next step towards even more functionality and even better ease of use. Example Invisible Mode: Theft Aware 2.0 is the only tool in the world that can be made entirely invisible on the mobile phone. The advantage: The thieves don’t know whether Theft Aware is installed in the mobile phone. Therefore, they have no reason to render the device inoperative and, with that, untraceable. Company founder Reinhard Holzner says, “Already in the 1.5 version, we have set international standards with our patent pending Invisible Mode, and now we have perfected it even further. No other program on the world market is concealed better than Theft Aware 2.0. Even the revealing GPS symbol on the display, which usually indicates a GPS inquiry, disappears. So, the thief has no way to realise that, for example, the current position details of the mobile phone are transmitted in regular intervals.” Apropos GPS: Theft Aware activates the GPS system automatically, if the owner or the pickpocket has turned it off in the settings. No Internet Connection, Data are Safe As mentioned before, Theft Aware controls the contact to the stolen mobile phone via text messaging and not over the Internet. The huge benefit: Theft Aware does not save any sensitive user data on foreign servers. In addition to that, you don’t need a computer to detect your phone. A second mobile phone is all you need. Another benefit: The communication with the purloined mobile phone works even if it has been taken to a place with no Internet connection available, for example, a basement store.ovi.com/content/19089/

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