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[Tutorial] To set widget arrangement in hs in your cfw


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To add ur own widgets edit viewconfiguration.xml

U'll see 6 lines there which correspond to the 6 HS widgets.

Viewconfiguration.xml looks like:

            <plugin uid="0x2001cb7c"/>
            <plugin uid="0x2001f47f"/>
            <plugin uid="0x2001f47f"/>
            <plugin uid="0x2001f47f"/>
            <plugin uid="0x2001f47f"/>
            <plugin uid="0x2001f47f"/>

UID of the widgets:

Profile Widget- 0x2001cb7c

Music Player- 0x10207c18

Calendar- 0x2001f481

Shortcut 1- 0x2001f483

Shortcut 2- 0x2001f484

Shortcut 3- 0x2001af32

Shortcut 4 -0x2001af33

Shortcut 5- 0x2001af34

Contacts 1- 0x200184cd

Contacts 2- 0x200184c9

EMail Widget- 0x2001E2CA

Share Online- 0x20010980

Empty field- 0x2001f47f

Nokia Notifications- 0x200255b4

-Regard PrinceRM

viewconfiguration.xml could be found in private\200159c0\install\view\hsps\00

Tutorial made by PrinceRM, shared by me.

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