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SPB WP7 ULTIMATE 1.0 for SpbShell by Raakaysh


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1. BottomBars updated

2. 6 new Digital Clocks and 5 new Anolog Clocks

3. 8 New Status Widgets

4. 3 New Media Widgets

5. 300 New icons added as the Shortcut link

6. 4 New boxes

7. Decreased the size of contact images to put on the Metro Tile

8. 7 New Bubble Status widgets

9. Colorful tiles added in the weather Panel



Well, the installation process of this pack is thesame as other Spb Shell skin packs. But if you are new to Spb Shell , read and follow the instruction below carefully.

1. Exit SPBShell first

2. Copy all files to Spbshell folder  to E:/Others/SPBShell

3. Delete SpbShell_20028b16.reg file from C:/System/Apps

4. Delete the SpbShellBackup.reg file from E:/ Private /20028b16 /

  (Use Xplore or Nokia File Browser for the Purpose. It can also be done with PC in Mass Storage Mode)

5. Copy spbmobileshell.rgs to E:/Private  20028b16 (Must Do it)

6. Run spb mobile shell .


Inside the zip, you will find two three folders: 1. Files for Vertical Scroll HS; 2. Normal Horizontal Slide HS; and SpbShell. The first folder as the name suggests contains the .reg,.rgs and .set files. If you like vertical scroll, put the qa_layouts.dat given in the folder in SpbShell. If it prompts to replace, select ‘Yes’. Put the .reg and .rgs files as directed in the instructions. The files in the second folder contains the classic style sliding from Left to Right and vice versa. These files are already present in the SpbShell folder. They are given separately as a backup, if you accidently lose the original files.


Tap on the Top Right Corner for the 3D Carousal, and Left for Options, like settings, changing background, editing the layout, etc. It has been seen that many of you don’t download the .reg and .rgs files, and later complain that the theme is not working fine.

HOW TO USE THE MSettings.set FILE:

Put the MSettings.set File in your Phone or Memory Storage, restart SPBShell. Go to Spb Shell ‘ Settings ‘ , then tap on the left bottom corner and select ‘RestoreSettings’.



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