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Videojuke - A Youtube Video Jukebox Android/ios


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Introducing a new app VideoJuke - A YouTube Video Jukebox Android/IOS




VideoJuke lets you pick and stream YouTube videos straight to your Android or IOS device. VideoJuke is an app that is able to search by Artist, Genre, Keyword, or Categories. Just add as many videos you want and let the app take over. Each playlist consists of four hours of music. For example, Trap and Bass contains four hours of Trap and Bass music whilst the Freestyle category has it's own four hours of music. There will be a paid app and a free app with ads available.

VideoJuke lets you pick and stream YouTube videos straight to your Android or IOS device.


  • Pick your favorite songs, save a playlist, and rock your party or event with VideoJuke.
  • You don't need a massive collection of music, DJ, or band to play at a party with VideoJuke.
  • Email your VideoJuke playlists that are saved to your Android/IOS device to friends and family.
  • Connect VideoJuke to your car via Bluetooth or Bluetooth speakers.
  • Replace music services in your store and stop paying monthly fees for music.


Link to this app : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1426456052/videojuke-a-youtube-video-jukebox-android-ios


Requirements: Internet

Available for iOS and Android.

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