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Hello, We have introduced a new app Drinks Guide™ Beers n Cocktail post-42913-0-79997500-1406441799_thumb.p Description: Drinks Guide™ - Beers, Cocktail Recipes, BAC% Calculator and Drinks Tracker In Short (Best Drinks App): 1. 15000+ Beers (Great App for Beer Lovers) 2. 2000+ Cocktail Recipes (Great feature if you love mixing your drinks plus Bartenders Favorite feature) 3. BAC% Calculator (If you drink n drive, MUST use this feature) 4. Drinks Tracker (Don't get overcharged plus track how much you drink per week per month etc) It is free App! So give it a try and see yourself how much you going to love this app if you are alcohol drink lover. Brief Description: All-in-One app where you can find thousands of beers and cocktail recipes. BAC% calculator feature can help you decide if you good to drive or not, depending upon blood alcohol content in your body. Drinks tracker feature can help you keep track of number of beers, shots or wines you drink over period of time. You can add the beers or cocktails you like to Favorites tab for easy access next time. Send the beer details or a cocktail recipe to any friend with one-click. Detailed description of each feature: Beers: Search 15000+ beers with detailed information. 3-way search gives you flexibility to browse through entire beers database efficiently and find your favorite beers. • Browse By Location: Visiting different country or a state in USA? Find local beers around! • Browse By Style: There are hundreds of different beer styles. Pick the one you like and find new beers! • Browse By ABV%: Choose low alcohol beers, light, medium, high alcohol up to 65% or anything in between. Cocktails: Check out 2000+ Cocktail recipes. Plus, you can also browse through list of cocktails based on ingredients you would like in it. BAC% Calculator: Calculate your Blood Alcohol Content % in your body before you drive. Don't be alcoholic. Must use feature before you drink and drive. Drinks Tracker: Keep track of your drinks. Set a Goal and add your drinks in the database. View your drinking stats. Reset the database anytime. Advanced Search: Using this feature you can find cocktails based on the flavor you have a mood for. Could be any fruit, brandy, gin etc. Do not remember the full beer name you had last time? Try searching it over here with whatever you remember. Additional features: Add any drinks to favorites, send cocktail recipes and beers details to your friends etc. Drinks Guide™ Beers n Cocktail supports SPANISH language also. Link to Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=balli.daru Requirements: Android 2.1 and Up. Available for Android. I recommend you to download this new and awesome app. Enjoy!!

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