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Cfw Releases Now Closed (Read Before Posting!)

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It is quite self-explanatory, on the cfw releases thread itself please look at the start date, as you can see the latest is by me and the couple below have not really gained any popularity. It has been over or nearly a year since a popluar CFW Releases thread was opened, the latest was the ROCKSTAR BELLE v7 (posted on this site by me). The only active users, as a moderator, was navratn, whom to all I can say is thank you for the maintainence of this section of the website while others were busy. Though i cannot really see much in this section of the S60V5 modding, so that is why i chose to post this.


I am sure most people would agree after looking through the area.


So, the CFW RELEASES ARE CLOSED (for now anyway), read below if you do want to post.


I want post!

It is fine by me if you do want to post a new thread for a CFW for S60V5 devices you have found or you have made, but BEFORE YOU POST A NEW CFW RELEASE PLEASE POST IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS THREAD WHAT IT IS!


I do apologize for the inconvenience, feel free to post your views or any new ideas.


Thank you,



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Yes, you are right bro! With the advancement of the android OS and the taking over of Nokia by Microsoft, support to Symbian is almost closed completely.

Moreover no one is interested in modding Symbian OS as there are no new smartphones releases based on this OS.


So, all over Symbian is dead now!

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