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[Free] Membo - Memory Optimization


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We have introduced a new app MEMbo - Memory Optimization




The most intuitive app for optimizing your device's performance.

Are you sick and tired of how slow and unresponsive your smartphone is? Wait no more. MEMbo - the most advanced memory management app for Android is here to help. With a tap of a button your RAM (Random Access Memory) is optimized instantly and unnecessary background apps that always keep your device's memory full - are closed instantly!

Exclusive features of MEMbo Memory Optimizer:
*** Clear user-interface - Focus on what you need most, which is a free, easy-to-use tool to make your device run faster.
*** No background services and annoying constant notifications. Just open MEMbo whenever you need it. It uses zero memory in idle state.
*** Super optimization of running processes through a complex algorithm.
*** Doesn't affect system performance. Core services, such as phone and alarm are left untouched.
*** Improves system performance. When unneeded apps are closed your phone runs faster, smoother and has better response time.
*** Prolongs battery life. Background services can use a lot of juice from your phone's battery. By closing them down using MEMbo you make sure that your battery lasts longer.
*** 1x1 Widget with a one-tap button to quickly clear memory.
*** Notification icon to instantly make your phone faster once you tap it.

Don't keep your Android out of memory anymore. Optimize your device now. Download for FREE.

Link to google play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hasmobi.rambo



Requirements: Android 3.0 and Up.

Available for Android.

I recommend you to download this new and awesome app.



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