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Charmy: My Virtual Pet


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We have introduced a new game Charmy: My Virtual Pet



Demo version. Intended for exploring the hero. In the near future will be added all the needful things for a full game.

Your parents doesn't allow you to have a pet?
They say that it is a huge responsibility and you won't manage?
Prove them that you are capable to take care of your own pet: feed him, dress him up, take care of his health and play with him.

Charmy - is a virtual pet, that is always near you. You'll like him , because he is so adorable,
he'll love you, and always will wait for you to play with him.
Charmy is a good alternative for a real pet, because he can do everything that a real pet do.

For Children - It is a great friend with whom you can have fun, play and express yourself
(by giving your pet a unique look).
For Adults - It is a great way to make your child more responsible, learn to take care of others,
evolve it's attention, logic thinking, and all of this is in a playful way!


Link to google play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.marina.Charmy




Requirements: Android 2.2 and Up.

Available for Android.

I recommend you to download this free and awesome game.



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