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[Free] Smart Horoscope


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We have introduced a new app Smart Horoscope



Smart Horoscope is a free application that shows astrological forecasts for today, yesterday, tomorrow, this week, month and year. The horoscopes are written by experienced astrologers and are updated daily in real time. The application includes general, love, money and business horoscopes, and can be set to send you notifications to remind you to check your daily horoscope forecasts.


• Read the horoscope for today, yesterday, tomorrow, this week, month and year
• Share your horoscope using e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
• Choose from general, love, money and business categories
• Separate love horoscope for singles and couples
• Calculate your sign based on your birthday
• Receive a daily horoscope in the notification bar at the time you specify
• Check the horoscope of your loved one or someone close to you
• Easy to use, with a clean and simple interface
• More features are coming soon

What users are saying about Smart Horoscope:

"This is very interesting. From the 1st day, this app has been very true, kinda scary, hits a lot of real issues" -- Kat

"I really like this app, set my reminder so I'm able to start my day off reading this. Seems accurate, comments on things I'm going through at the time. Definitely a keeper" -- Niccole

Link to google play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.innervision.smarthoroscope


Requirements: Android 2.3 and Up.

Available for Android.

I recommend you to download this free and awesome app.



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