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Ciley Cyrus Obstacle Run Twerk



We have introduced a new action game Ciley Cyrus Obstacle Run Twerk


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Famous Ciley Cyrus Obstacle Run - Fun Addicting Twerking Dash

This game app is hitting the market like a wrecking ball craze! Wanna know why?

Get Ciley Cyrus running and twerking like a lunatic for miles through the streets of Hollywood as she tries to dodge and escape Bustin Bieber in his chase car! This star studded app will launch your laugh meter into the red zone! Watch out for Bustin Bieber and his fancy sport car or you might meet your new crush! The I (heart) JB banners will take you out...like a wrecking ball and you'll bounce down the street at high speed. The white foam fingers allow you to bounce Ciley up and swing her on a wrecking ball... Collect all of the bonuses that you possibly can as you try to avoid danger! Be the celebrity of this drama filled saga, this mania, this high speed wrecking ball frenzy, download today!

Famous Ciley Cyrus Obstacle Run - Fun Addicting Twerking Dash

Unlock Bonuses and power ups
Hilarious twerking
Amazing Ciley action
Avoid Beliebers banners
Collect Foam fingers
Wrecking ball bonus mode
Awesome wrecking ball escapes
All the drama of a Hollywood scene

If you love Miley and Justin this is the game for you, if you hate them you'll love it even more!

This awesome game is full of action, laughs, and fun! Run, dodge, launch, avoid, rush, and make haste! This driver is out of control! Ciley and her survival depend on your sweet moves and expert gaming abilities. Fast reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and speed are the only way to drag her twerking self safely through the street. Slide, drag, jump, hop, and escape to see how far you can get her in this epic mania! Download this endless runner parody and challenge your twerking, wrecking ball, and dodging skills today!

Famous Ciley Cyrus Obstacle Run - Fun Addicting Twerking Dash



Link to google play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.consonni.twerkingsurfer


Requirements: Android 2.0.1 and Up.

Available for Android.

I recommend you to download this free and action game.



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