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[New] Flying Bieber


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A cool new game Flying Bieber

??? Introducing Flying Bieber???





Best Justin Bieber games for girls and boys, new top justin bieber games for free for kids Flying Bieber he fly like a bird Must game for each justin beiber club fan, he is not beaver and bever he is real star, are you love Justin Bieber at the Dentist so you love also that version
so flap and tap on justin beiber head and make the best result, you maybe know all his songs from youtube but you never play game like that , justinbieber wait to your help, he is not a baby and have boyfriends and girlfriends, he is so plappy and ploppy but not floppy he is real with news design
So get in to the showbiz and be real rockstar or movie star , hollywood wait for so go on red carpet
it's the Best Celebs game you ever see . so funny and amusing game, real fun for everybody kids and adults,


Flying Cyrus - Wrecking Ball is good but our game is better

so what you need to do , you have justin bieber head and tap and flap, it's very simple not celebquiz or icon quiz, what you need to is only tap and fly with little wing like a bird not floopy bird but also bieber bird are ok , Celebrity like miley cyrus or will smith need to be ready for justin, miley already on the Wrecking Ball wait for him and also you need, Kiss Justin Bieber bieber if you a fan or not it's not make any diffrent

so make your best score in the most popular game ever, flapping bieber is ready for you!!

Flying Cyrus - Wrecking Ball is good but our game is better

some One Direction Games is ok like Harry Dive but our game is much better

so leave all flapping and flappy games you don't and more tap on pig or bee, piglet are bad you have here real star, i know you love jumping with piggy but leave it, Fly Flappy Bieber over the red carpet. Protect Flappy Bieber from the girls, cops, and paparazzi.

Every pre-adolescent girl’s dream boy has come to the digital app market, with an added entertainment punch! Flying Bieber is the action-packed survival game with a good-looking, Canadian youtube star twist. Ladies (and men), please, contain your orgasms.
Bieber will be facing his toughest challenge since trying to get a million views; hopping through sewage pipes. His goal is unknown and mysterious; his enemies are tough and rock hard. Bieber will be tested to his very limits. And you get to help him along. Seriously ladies, those orgasms, keep them in.
We’ve brought in a touch of familiarity to you with some addictive gameplay we are all used to by now. The objective is simple, and you get to stare at a pretty face for the entirety of the game. We’re all winners here!
How we got here
Our story begins in the probably not so distant future, where pop star Justin Bieber has hit rock bottom. His fans have moved on to younger, sexier youtube sensations to swoon over, his criminal record has killed all chances at employment, and Selena Gomez still isn’t single. He has nowhere to turn, and resorts to drastic measures to reclaim his fame.
Using what is left of his resources Bieber has commissioned the services of a PR specialist, and actually listens to him for once. The verdict is clear; Bieber has to reclaim the spotlight, and return himself to the throne of pop stardom. But it won’t be easy.
Bieber combs the interwebs for a hope, a chance of redeeming himself. “What could be more popular than I ever was?” the Biebster asks himself. And he sees it. The game that has everyone hooked, glued to their screens. He beholds the rapture, the amazement, the awe that people show towards it; he realizes that that is exactly what Beiber wants for his Beliebers to feel again.
Through some disturbingly messed up process that we do not feel the need to comment on, Bieber has been set on the course to glory, or an imminent concussion. And he needs a Belieber’s help. Bieber never said never, and he expects you to have that faith in him.
The Beibster’s Journey



Link to google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appninjaz.flyingbieber

Requires: Android 2.2 and up

I recommend you to download this free and awesome game.

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