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Krystal^2 - based on C6v40 | 5800, 5233, 5230, 5530, 5250, X6 |All RM supported


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Rough Changelogs: Voice Recording in Call enabled Recording length extended to 750 hours duration Earpiece volume set to maximum Recording Quality set to High with stereo enabled Voice record storage location to E:/ Volume setting for the improved high frequency set to maximum AMR bitrate set to maximum (12200) Message: Sent message save feauture enabled by default Sent message save count set to 999 Pretty smooth scrolling over more than 1000 messages (No lags) Delivery report enabled by default Received SMS shows SMSC time stamp (Operator sent time and not the device time) Browser: Resume support for downloads even after restarting the device. Every download request will be after user approval. No auto-download of any app Show call duration enabled by default Writing speed set to maximum with no lag in any keyboard layout. Browser cache set to C:/ for maximum stability and performance cache size increased to 50MB Display light timeout set to 20 seconds Ram cache set to maximum i.e 16MB allocation Camera Quality increased to the maximum possible value The CFW will be much more faster than my previous releases. QT issues completely fixed. Working Smart Installer Latest Nokia Store integrated. New splashscreens New font used (may choose Nokia Pure Font) Music Player Heap size increased. Music Player wont ever lag even if you have hundreds of songs. Music Player scroll rate increased to make feel it smooth and fluent. Preset one touch Equalizer selection with basic settings

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