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eSplitter - Split your food bills the way you want


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eSplitter is a simple and handy tool for sharing expenses. Most of the applications just split the bill amount while eSplitter allows for full-scale processing of both expenses and participants. The application interface is flexible enough to provide with comfortable work as well as functionality is enough to solve the task fast and easily.

Two ways to display the data allow for looking at the picture from the participant’s side as well as from the side of expenses. The two modes of calculation allow for specifying cost per item as well as cost per entire expense row. Is it necessary to calculate a tip? Is it necessary to send results via email or SMS? Try eSplitter and you will find a solution.

NEW in version 1.1.0

- Now percentage may be applied to the expenses as well to the participants

- Top list behavior is changed to improve usability

- Fixed minor errors.


- Specifying expenses as separate rows

- Specifying the list of participants

- Two ways to show the data: in context of expenses or in context of participants

- Two ways to specifying  costs: per item and per entire expense

- 3 precision options: integers, tenths, hundredths

- Calculating taxes and tips

- Sending results via email and SMS

- User-friendly interface

- Support of portrait and landscape orientation

- Setting the light theme and dark theme independent from the system settings

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