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  1. Product Category: - http://www.tmart.com/Watch-Cell-Phones/ Product Link: - http://www.tmart.com/TW810-1.5-Touch-Screen-MP3-MP4-Bluetooth-Resistive-Watch-Cell-phone-Black_p146786.html Brief Idea: - Wearable are the next big thing in the mobile computing these days with big players like Samsung and Sony already releasing smartwatches, while Apple and Nokia are to be jumping in the race soon. Rumor is we will see a Nokia Smartwatch on 2nd April at Build Conference. While these devices need to be hooked your smartphone and don't exactly act like an independent devices, the product I have selected here is complete device by itself. Touchscreen, Video Playback, camera, bluetooth connectivity, expandable upto 16GB and on top water resistant. What more could you ask! Really a cool product. Next give away: - Definetly should be a cell phone give away. Ready to do a review if I win.
  2. Turn any Smartphone into a Scanner with CamScanner for Intelligent Document Management. CamScanner is an intelligent document management solution for individuals, small businesses, organizations, governments and schools. It is the perfect fit for those who want to scan, sync, edit, share and manage various contents on all devices. App Des: ? 60 million mobile users’ choices for document scanning worldwide ? “50 Best iPhone Apps in 2013” – TIME.com ? “The application employs its own image cropping and enhancing algorithm that leads to clearer images.” – Makeuseof.com ? “CamScanner may just be the best deal for scanning documents on your phone.” – CNET.com You can scan and sync * Bill, Invoice, Contract, Tax Roll, Business Card… * Whiteboard, Memo, Script, Letter… * Blackboard, Note, PPT, Book, Article… * Credential, Certificate… Main Features: Scan Documents * Auto detect and crop scanned images * Smart enhance documents with 5 enhance modes * Quickly covert to PDF files Manage Documents * Easily search texts in document images * Add/Edit name, tags and notes to documents * Copy, move and marge documents Sync Documents * Upload, download and manage documents at www.camscanner.net * Access and update documents on smartphone, tablet and web app Share Documents * Upload document to SkyDrive and send file link via email * Send JPEG images via email * Save document image to phone Photos We'd love to hear your feedback: Follow us on Twitter: @CamScanner Like us on Facebook: CamScanner Follow us on Google+: CamScanner Download Link
  3. GET SET TO DHOOM THIS YEAR WITH DHOOM:3 THE GAME THE OFFICIAL GAME FOR THE MOST AWAITED MOVIE OF THE YEAR 2013 For all the fans of Dhoom franchise, here is the first in the series, action packed, thriller Dhoom:3 The Game. Don the cape of the Dhoom:3 movie anti-hero and zoom through the streets of Chicago on your Super Bike as you evade ACP Jai Dixit, Ali and the Cops. With simple Tilt and Tap controls, enjoy hours of fun filled action in this 3D endless racing game. The Cops are out in full force and will stop at nothing to catch you! There's just one way out - Ride hard and fast through the streets on your Super Bike battling heavy traffic, cops, pursuit helicopters and more! Use the Nitro power-up to reach extreme speeds and leave everybody in your trail! Trouble ahead? Blow away everything in your path with the Sonic Pulse & keep the Chase up! DHOOM:3 THE GAME FEATURES: *Available exclusively on Windows Phones *State-of-the-Art Graphics for an awesome gameplay experience! *Responsive Accelerometer and Tap Controls to steer you to victory! *Collect Coins In-Game and use them to buy cool bikes, racing suits and Power-Ups! *Hit extreme speed with Nitro boosts, clear your way with powerful Sonic blasts and become invincible with Shields. *Race up the Leaderboards and show everyone you are the master of your destiny! All set to end the year with a Dhoom? Get Dhoom:3 The Game on your Windows Smartphone now and let the Chase begin! All Intellectual Property in Dhoom:3 and its characters, trademarks, associated artwork and designs are exclusively owned by Yash Raj Films Pvt. Ltd. © 2013 All Rights Reserved. All Intellectual Property in Dhoom:3 The Game software are exclusively owned by 99Games Online Pvt. Ltd. © 2013 All Rights Reserved. Download Link
  4. Sachin Verma already did the surgery of it, says good than UC, but not as good as IE10.
  5. Maxthon Cloud Browser, now available to take mobile browsing on Windows Phones to new heights. Taking full advantage of our history of great out of the box experience, ease of use, high performance and features you can't find anywhere our new browser brings you the best browsing experience on Windows Phone. Features? * Cloud Services Make the Multi-Device Web Easier Sign in with a free Maxthon Passport account and sync your favorites online, and to other devices using the Maxthon Cloud Browser on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. * A New Take on Tabs for Windows Phone Easily view, and move forward and backward between your tabs. * Live Tiles in Quick Access Maxthon has taken its famous 'Quick Access' feature and reinvented it for Windows Phone. Easily pick, apply and access live Windows 'tiles' right from Maxthon's 'Quick Access' feature. * Pop – Up Address Bar Access search and the address bar when you want it. A simple gesture causes it to pop-up. Download Link
  6. Easily manage all of your flows, your bank account and you cards. Backup available on SkyDrive Main features: • VOICE COMMANDS to execute some common tasks, ie: add flow, show reports, add/restore backup • WP8 LIVE TILES (including the wide one) • FLOWS INSERTION • CURRENCIES CONVERSION • REPORTS Detailed reports and charts: current month balance previous months reports detailed month report 'All flows' report custom reports • Several CHARTS for each report • flows FILTERS (reports and charts) • SAVE REPORTS as PDF or EXCEL files • QUICK SEARCH for flows • CASH to manage your available cash money • CARDS You can manage your debit, credit and pre-paid cards. • SCHEDULES for recursive flows • SKYDRIVE + REMINDER You can save all your data on your SkyDrive as encrypted files. You can also set up a reminder for the backup with a custom recurrence. • PASSWORD to protect your data from being observed by someone else • ACTIVITIES, CATEGORIES and ITEMS The app contains activities, categories and items for common needs. Anyway you can customize them in every way Download Link
  7. Do you have the drive to survive? Real men have two favourite things; cars and guns. And no stinking zombie apocalypse is going to change that. Take control of your car to see how far you can get and how many zombies you can kill – and if you can actually escape with your brains intact. Four cars are available to get you to the final fort, each capable of holding progressively more loot. Ranging from the simple Redneck pick-up and the classy Hunter and to the tough Sledge and frankly-silly Harvester, you’ll enjoy throwing these bodged-up jalopies at the lines of the undead. Each is highly customisable, with 15 upgrades including spiked bumpers, improved tyres, buffed engines, and more ammo, fuel and nitros. With three locations to traverse, handsome 3D graphics and gory shambling bodies, Zombie Derby is a killer game. How far can you get before they get YOU? - Four killer cars to drive - Three vast levels to explore - Massively customisable vehicles - Gory 3D graphics - Compatible with HD devices - Addictive gameplay Download Link
  8. GDR3 is out.

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  9. Happy Birthday Windows Phone

  10. Great graphics, mobile fast action and responsive controls power up this innovative approach to fighting games. Fighting mechanics that encourage the offensive! Get on-board in a blink with the customizable on-screen game-pad or try the fully gestured-based touch-fighter control, your choice! Grab a friend and have a great time on the split-screen VS mode Enjoy the cinematic fights! Download Link
  11. Nokia Cinemagraph is a magical blend of photo and movie-like animation, creating pictures that seem almost alive. Take a photo, landscape or portrait, and helpful on-screen assistance lets you easily select the animated area of your picture to create your very own cinemagraph. The end result is enchanting. This latest version of Nokia Cinemagraph delivers improved HD animations at 720p resolution. There’s now crossfading transitions and the colour pop feature is attention grabbing. And if you change your mind, it’s now easy to restore original colours. When you’re done, share it via social media, email and messaging – all you need is a Nokia account. Simply upload your cinemagraph to a Nokia server and share the link. You can upload over WiFi or your mobile data connection, but be sure to check your network operator’s data charges first. Exclusively for Nokia Lumia Download Link
  12. Keep close friends close ? Free messaging worldwide: With hike you can message friends that are on hike and also those who aren't on hike too! Better yet, it’s absolutely FREE. hike uses your 2G, 3G or WiFi (when available) to message with friends and family. ? Hike to hike messaging is free, always, worldwide. We've also built in FREE hike to non-hike SMS*. So if your friends aren't on hike you can still message them. ? Stickers: Now send some insanely cute stickers on hike. Express yourself in a whole new cool way! ? Share photos, videos and more! ? Enjoy Group chat with your friends. Create groups with a mix of friends who have and don’t have the app all in one big group. ? Status Updates & Moods: You can now post Status Updates in hike! With over 20 amazingly cute moods available, posting Status Updates has never been this much fun! ? Friends (formerly Circle of Friends): Your Status Updates are shared only with your friends. You can safely post fun, embarrassing updates knowing that your parents or boss will not see them ? Last seen: Only your Friends can see when you were last seen. ? Walkie Talkie: Now seamlessly exchange voice messages with the hike Walkie Talkie! *Hike to SMS only works to India for now. What's New in Hike ? Improved the App Performance ? Fixed the Blurred Emoticons ? Fixed the auto-correct bug on upgrade ? Many more bug fixes Download link
  13. Thanks mate, I had thought that before, but then screenshots are already present on the app page when you visit the link, so didn't find it of any use to post those same here as well, but will sure give it a try. Sent from my Nokia Lumia 620 using Tapatalk
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