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[WP8] Search All - A Full Search Companion For WP


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A simple & easy to use tool which helps you to do search on most common search sites and also allows you to search local CONTACTS, MUSIC, PHOTOS and CALENDAR.

Search Sites:

Supported Search Sites are google, yahoo, bing, yandex, youtube, dailymotion, vimeo, wikipedia, dictionary.com, answers.com, facebook, twitter, google plus, amazon, ebay, IMDb, SoundCloud, flickr, CNN, BBC.

It allows you to pin a specific search site to the start menu for quick access.

For example, if you often use "Dictionary.com" to find out meanings, it can be pinned to start menu. That allows you to open the "Dictionary.com" search directly.

Photo Search:

Search the photos present in your phone and see the details like Name, File size, Dimension, etc., that are hidden on the phone. You may just tap on the slideshow icon while viewing photos and it lets you glance through the photos:)

Contact Search:

You have phone number/email address of someone and don't know whose it is? You can easily find them using the People Search feature present in this tool.

Music Search:

Picking songs from your collection present in the phone can be done easily using Music Search feature.

Calendar Search:

Look up and find an appointment/event from your phone calendar.

Update (V 2.2):

* New: Calendar Search - Search all appointments listed in your phone

* Enhancement: UI improvements on Info page

Update (V 2.3.1):

* Photo Search

* People search performance improvement

* Other few enhancements

Update (V 2.3.1):

* Shake & Share: Shake your phone to share the web search link via QR code

* Added Baidu search site

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