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iFunny for Windows Phone


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CAUTION: Uncontrollable laughing ahead.

iFunny; DamnYouAutocorrect; LOL Cats; FAIL blog; Epic WTFs and more - all in one place!

Having a tough day at work?

Looking for some mindless fun?

Enjoy ROFL?

If you answer yes to any of these, or if you just like kittens and other memes, then iLOL'd is just what you're looking for.

Developed for our own fun, we couldn't resist releasing it, and hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Browse the pictures, save or share (facebook, twitter, sms, email) your favs, and try to keep a straight face during the meeting.

Currently we support the following blogs, but just let us know if there are others you'd like to see!

* LOL Cats

* NOT your best day

* Damn Funny Texts

* Damn You Autocorrect

* Parent Fails

* The Worst Stuff Ever

* Wrong Number Texts

* Why, Siri, Why?

* Awkward Names

* Epic WTFs

* Invisible Cats

* Work LOLs

* Get Out of the Mirror

* Get Out of the Mirror

* FAIL blog

* Epic Demotivational

* iFunny

try it. it's free. hopefully you won't find a picture of yourself!

30 Aug - v2.26

* fixed a slow loading performance issue

15 Aug - v 2.24

* welcome iFunny users!

* changed layout to give more new lols

1 Aug - v2.22

* more lols in popular

26 Jul - v2.21

* added count of total new items in last 24 hours

* bug fixes

* more lols in popular

10 Jul - v2.20

* bug fixes to handle several crashes

25 Jun - v2.19

* Added achievements to the app - check them out on the 'about' panel, and earn them all!

* bug fixes

15 Jun - v2.17

* Windows Phone 8 update - woohoo - now supports more pinned tile sizes and other great Windows Phone 8 stuffs

* bug fixes

* Skinery support

01 May - v1.15

* added more blogs - iFunny, Demotivational

25 Mar - v1.13

* added display settings

* better layout for favorites

02 Feb - v1.12

* added auto-backup of favorites

More update history available in the app (other | what's new), or at http://www.crazy-hot.com/ilold/updates.aspx

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