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[WP8]PixFolder, a feature rich photo organizing solution for Windows Phone


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*** All New PixFolder 3.0! It now provides more powerful features and runs smoother and faster even with a large number of photos! ***

Took countless awesome pictures with your Windows Phone? You can now organize them in subfolders with PixFolder!

Have some private photos? Instead of storing them in a separate special app with pin numbers and make others more curious, simply move them to a folder in PixFolder and hide that folder in plain sight. Once hidden, you can only access that folder by entering its name; it will not be shown on available subfolder list.

PixFolder also supports turning your Windows Phone into a file server. When PixFolder share server is activated, you can wirelessly access your photos from any Windows PC using Windows file manager just like files from network shared folders. You don't need to install any special software or use a USB cable!


- Add notes to your photos.

- Create PowerPoint photo slideshows.

- Pin your photos as Live Tiles.

- Have your lock screen background changed automatically with your photos.


- When you pin a folder to Start screen, PixFolder periodically and randomly selects photos from that folder and assigns them to the folder Tile.

- When you pin a photo to Start screen but selects 3 or more photos, PixFolder creates a "wide" live Tile showing first 9 of those photos.

- "Hold" gesture on a folder name in subfolder listing pane brings up a popup menu for additional folder related tasks such as "move", "delete" and etc.

- Tapping screen with two fingers toggles "full screen" mode in photo listing pane.



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