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Symbian Belle Mods Collection


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S^3 or Belle Mods Collection :P

1)Patch: Totally Remove Recording Tone for SaAudioServer.dll only for Symbian Belle by CODeRUS.Patch fully removes beep when recording a call


Posted Image

2)Mod for custom changing age for storing logs. You can manually enter any numeric value in days.

Posted Image

3)Active diverts popup disabled by CODeRUS : This mod disables the annoying "Active Diverts" popup everytime a call is made on some networks. THIS MOD MUST BE ADDED TO THE UDA (MIGHT BE WORKING FROM ROFS BUT I HAVEN'T TRIED, CODeRUS INSTRUCTED TO PUT IN C: )

Posted Image

4)No keylock vibration by banKai : This mod disables the vibration on locking and unlocking of phone by hardware switch

Posted Image

5)Music folder search by witcher3 : This mod changes the default directories which are scanned by music player, now searching is enabled only in E:\Music, E:\Music Store Downloads, F:\Music, F:\Music Store Downloads

Posted Image

6) Browser cache to E : This mod moves the browser cache to drive E

Posted Image

7)KillMe v1.36 : KillMe application for CFW

Posted Image

7)Boot animation and sound disabled by witcher3 : Disables the Nokia handshake animation and Nokia tune after Nokia logo on startup, helps in a faster startup.

Posted Image

All mods will be collected and updated soon ;)

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