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[WP8][Trial]Easy Schedule Receives Major Update


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Easy Schedule simplifies entering calendar entries by remembering your information so you don't have to reenter it each time  you create a new appointment.

It can be  a LOT of work to use the standard calendar app to enter an appointment:

- First you enter the Subject, Location and Start Date & Time.

- Then select the length of the appointment or Custom.

- If you selected Custom you have to enter the End Date & Time.

- If you want a Reminder alert other than 15 minutes, you have to go to a new page and enter that.

- Then, when you go to enter another appointment, you have to do it all over again.

Easy Schedule has all of the input fields on one page, plus, it can remember all of your input from the last appointment. That way, when scheduling multiple appointments, such as scheduling your work week, all you need to do is change the date and you are done!


- All input fields are on one page

- Options to remember the content of each field

- You can set which input fields to remember, or just say "All"

- Interfaces to the built in Calendar app so you can change Calendars, add Attendees, etc.

- Calendar with your appointments

- Ability to have multiple profiles

Pro Upgrade:

While the basic features of Easy Schedule are still free and will continue to be free, without nag screens, for all future versions of the program, Version 2.0 introduced several new features that require an in-app upgrade to the Pro version. This upgrade costs US $.99 and is good for all future versions of Easy Schedule.

You can also obtain a Free One Week Trial that will let you test all of the new features for no cost.

Change Log:

- 2.0

• Multiple appointment Profiles

• View calendar and appointment details

• One week free trial of Pro features

• In-app upgrade to Pro version

• Code optimizations and bug fixes


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