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how to make volume in call setting to100% with out the volume keys

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how to make volume in call setting to100% with out the volume keys you will tell my why because i have problem in my all keys so is there a way to make it is default setting from the CFW or change it like music Player when i Touch the screen the volume bar show up so you can change it so easy and thanks also sorry for my bad English

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this topic helped me much and with it i did Hack my Nokia N97 http://forum.gizmolord.com/custom-firmware-discussions/ultimate-tutorial-to-create-your-own-custom-firmware-(cfw)-(by-lrajesh555)/ but what im asking for is not there in this topic i did`t find what im asking for in this topic that`s why im Asking here if there no way to do it then i need to know how to make the def settings to 100% of the volume and what file is about this in my N97 V22.0.110 because also in the Topic link (by-lrajesh555) the files he named it are not found in FW only the Folder name is right but any thing else not found please help me i ca`t call with low volume in call about 40% of Volume thanks to all and one more thing i want to Integrate the QT to my FW i take a look to the files and i found sis files in the sis file of QT installer thanks again i have also find this 14) Earpiece & Loudspeaker Volume 100% by default Paste in ROFS2. This mod will increase default volume to 100% for earpiece and loudspeaker link http://forum.gizmolord.com/modding-section/collection-of-all-mods-for-s1-devices/?action=dlattach;attach=1572 i think this my help and what im looking but the page say You are not allowed to access this section so please some one say why i see this

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