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FP1 models bring up the memory card status icon in the upper right corner. :yahoo:


1. Apply the patch 'Open4All' and add it to auto.

2. Open X-plore, go to C:\Private\10202be9\101F8764.txt

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3. Press I or edit the .txt file by pressing option>File>Edit

4. Change the line 0x1 int 137 0 cap_rd = alwayspass cap_wr = alwaysfail to 0x1 int 1427 0 cap_rd = alwayspass cap_wr = alwaysfail

Posted Image

5. Save and reboot the device.

NOTE: - If you are unable to find '101F8764.txt' in C:\Private\10202be9\

Then copy the same (101F8764.txt) from Z:\Private\10202be9\  to C:\Private\10202be9\

And uncheck its attribute 'read-only' now you can edit.

The icon is with the memory card to display the presence or absence.

It works tested by me on my Nokia E63

Screenshots are above. :-bd

File attached.

Post Updated

Get this mod in .sis file and install.

Note- *Make sure open4all patch is applied before install.

* Install it in Phone memory.

*After install reboot your device.

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