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  1. Thanks, bro. i am still just a baby at modding
  2. With the phone off and connected to your PC, you aren't able to access the mass memory or memory card?
  3. Ok, i get it now Here is the trio of effects Effects.zip
  4. Surely, everyone is familiar with iExtraX7/Ancelad's effects from E: mod for Belle/Refresh. Well, it doesn't work on Anna, so this mod has been adapted to work on Anna To use, hacked phone and Open4All is required. Extract the contents of C to (you guessed it ) C: and copy your custom effects to E:Effects All credits for the mod belong to iExtraX7/Ancelad Anna effects base package.zip
  5. @navratn123 (like the username and the avatar, btw) i notice that the uploaded files are no longer present and the YouTube embed has been broken... Also i can not edit the post to fix it. Should all content be linked or can i upload to the forum somehow? Is there a way to embed in posts? Sorry, i have been away for a while =oP Link: http://www.4shared.com/zip/ogT2nmbg/Effects.html
  6. Thanks - i am happy to have something to share
  7. Okay, this is nothing new for the S60V5 crowd, but you can use the same principal to get theme effects of your S60V3 device. You have to have a hacked phone, ROMPatcher+ and C2Z. First, extract the attached zip archive and copy Resource to C:\ If you do not already have a C2Z patch, use the sis to make one and move the patch to your Patches folder. Extract one of the three included default hidden Nokia effects archives to C:\Resource\ (just the effects folder) Apply C2Z and enjoy. You can use any set of V5 custom theme effects using this method, too. To change theme effects you will hav
  8. Mate, this works on any S60 phone from 9.3 up. No need to install, just use Xplore with Open4All patch.
  9. You have to do it the old-fashioned way: run through the files one by one looking for the .dll/.exe/.r**/.rsc/.sis files in your CORE and ROFS2 files. Look up the app uids online for a little help, but it boils down to a seek and destroy game, mate. i am at 16/18 apps i want to remove from the E72 firmware. Gotta keep searching =o) You will get them.
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