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Recover Pantech Burst bricked


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I screwed my new Pantech Burst. The phone just doesn't boot. Even Pantech logo doesn't appear. It doesn't respond at all (recovery mode or download mode doesn't start). According to Gizmolord forum, I followed the instruction accurately (Rooted and installed ClockWork Recovery mode) and installed Gizmolord ROM. Then, I installed Uniquely Named 3.1. Everything was working fine. Thereafter I installed CyanogenMod10, it worked fine. Installed Google Apps for it, the keyboard stopped working. Then, I reinstalld CyanogenMod10 again after formatting system. Then, -Wipe data/factory Reset -Clear dalvik cache -mount /system from mounts and storage When I rebooted, CyanogenMod logo animation appeared. After a few seconds, a red area appeared at the top like here ( "search in youtube - pantech burst mdm error" except that it was red). Then, I pressed power key to reboot. Now, my phone doesn't respond at all, doesn't start, no recovery mode.  In Device Manager, it shows "QHSUSB_DLOAD" under "Other Devices". What do I do to recover my phone. Please, I need HELP !!! 

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Bro cynanogen mod for burst was in beta stage....  U should have tried it with precautions. And remember never ever partition sd card or internal storage or mount usb or system storage from cwm, it usually crashes because of unavailable drivers.... 1. First of charge ur handset for atleast 30min without any try to start  And see if battery is getting warm... 2. After charge,  press vol+ + vol- + power hope u will boot in soft upgrade functionality. 3. If yes then you are saved....  Download official ics upgrade tool from pantech website... And run it. (you must first install pantech pc suit so that your drivers get installed. Regards...

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