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[Task Completed] Forum will be under Maintenance


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All the members of this forum are notified :

Our Forum is facing some weird issue for which we are experiencing downtime for some seconds. Though it lasts for some seconds to a minute, I still don't wish to have this type of issues with our forum.

Hence we are shifting the server to overcome this issue.

While the server maintenance staffs shifts our forum to new server, the forum would be under "Maintenance Mode"

Members are hereby notified that to not post anything while the forum gets into maintenance mode (You could see a notification in top upright position of the forum mentioning that the Forum is under maintenance mode)

If you see such message, then just dont post anything to the forum as it will get lost. I will try to disable posting to forum in maintenance mode. But still if you are able to post, then make sure you wont be posting untill the maintenance task is complete.

GizmoLord Team thanks its members for their patience and support !!!



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Update from the Hosting Provider:

We're actually preparing a new server that I'd like to move you to (rather than moving you to another server that's been online for a while and then potentially moving you again if you wanted). If you don't mind going to another server that's been in use a while we can go ahead and do that or if you want to go to the new server, it should be online within the next 7 to 14 days (we're waiting on some ram to come in to upgrade it before we put it back online) :).

Let me know, and we'll proceed.

Thank you.

We are going for the new server which will be ready within the next 7 to 14 days as mentioned by the Staff of the company which host our forum.

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