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Installing CVM (clockworkmod) on Idea Id 918 (alcatel ot 918N)


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Hello Friends !

here i am going to share how to install CVM clockwork-mod on  your idea id 918 android phone....

Posted Image

1) You need some drivers .


        i) download driver from here. http://www.mediafire.com/?gbxprde90b0ps8f

        ii)extract it on a folder...

        iii)Switch of your phone and attach it on your PC (computer).

        iv)if driver not installed  you will give you some msgs . like


            becoze u do not installed  mt65xx preloader driver

        v)then go to driver manager and  right click on  mt65xx click on update driver software --> browse on my compute  and locate your driver which is previously extract and update it.

2)when driver installed  successfully then plug out and in your device one's .

3)Download working CVM from hare.... http://www.mediafire.com/?uln98u2qsttd75d

4)Extract this Zip file and open extracted folder.

5) Doable click on Sp_Flash_tool

Posted Image

6) Then Click On Flash Tool icon(exe file).

[img width=512 height=420]http://gktestingchandwad.com/flash/0.png

7)After this click on Scatter-loading.

[img width=662 height=420]http://gktestingchandwad.com/flash/1.png

8)Then Select Android_2.3.6_MT6573_Android_scatter_918 text file.

[img width=565 height=420]http://gktestingchandwad.com/flash/2.png

9) Double click on RECOVERY check box .

[img width=668 height=420]http://gktestingchandwad.com/flash/3.png

10) Select recovery.img file.

Posted Image

11)Then Click on download button.

[img width=665 height=420]http://gktestingchandwad.com/flash/5.png

12) Connect Your Phone to pc in given seconds.(Remember while you doing this your phone is switch of and full charged.)

[img width=679 height=420]http://gktestingchandwad.com/flash/66.png

13)After attaching press the volume key one or two time.  and done.

[img width=665 height=420]http://gktestingchandwad.com/flash/6.png

downloading  100% and you get following message.

[img width=665 height=420]http://gktestingchandwad.com/flash/7.png

when it is completed then hold power button and press up-down(volume) key 2-3 time .

[img width=315 height=420] Clockwork+mod+main+menu.jpg.

Hit Thanks for this nice tutorial... enjoy!

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i have idea 918n dual sim......phn memery is very low......some app instal and than sying phone storage fulll....so pls help me....wht to do for expand my phone memry.....


Hope this helps. Do report whether it worked or not.

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD

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--------------------------- Smart Phone Flash Tool --------------------------- SP FLASH TOOL ERROR : ( 8100 ) [Android USB] Can not find USB port ! [HINT]: 1. Lack of battery power for your target. 2. Hardware problem of your cable. 3. There is a leakage of usb hub if you are using a usb hub. 4. You do not install usb driver for Android download yet. Please check above items or catch SP Flash Tool logs and UART4 log to find help. --------------------------- OK  --------------------------- this is da error what i trying to say. im fully charge i install drivers

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