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Malware stuck in PC


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Hey guys... I had this file constantly bugging me on my PC Some sort of malware .. it is... It is displayed as a '.scr' screensaver file and it is present on every drive and drive partition. not in sub-folders or interior places. Just the explored drive folder. The Problem is... I can't remove it...  :-?? My Panda Cloud and COMODO didn't recognise it as any problematic file... Although VirusTotal showed a detection ratio of 5/46. I don't think it is causing any major problem, it might have come through the torrents section....(was busy in downloading a lot of stuff lately :P ) (however, my CPU has started making some noises with some intervals after this, but it can't be related...or can it be???) Please Help.. :|

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Guys! I had to post this from my mobile coz That thing is some serious crap... And It totally nailed my PC, severely infected now... Yup... It escalated THAT QUICKLY! Its a rootkit malware which runs via a disguised 'Java' program as a bypass... So if you notice the java processes acting wierd and eating more CPU and Memory, it might be the start of it... It's a new one, so internet too hasn't got much information of it and guess what... It kinda tries to take on symbians too! XD wont do any harm though but as soon as you connect your device to comp. Boom! It right away goes into the memory card as well as phone memory for the MMC you'll just find it lying on the outskirts... :P but for phone memory its goes into C-data...there... And for deleting it too you have to terminate the two running Java processes through kill-me otherwisee it says the file Is in use and can't be deleted... It was totally unexpected to me that this little crap will cause such a serious mess...urgh! Anyway Thanx guys...

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