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Nokia s60v5 Turbo C++ Working Tested By Me


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Step 1) Download the complete package present below of this description. step 2)Install all the SIS files in the folder named DOsBOX DEPENDENCIES, and finally Install Dosbox.sisx. Tip:You may use Autoinstaller from THINKCHANGE to install all apps at once with absolutely NO DIFFICULTY. step 3)Copy the tc folder, Premapper.txt, Mapper.txt, Dosbox.conf to E:/data/ make sure u hav copied all the 4 things to E:/data/ i.e to memory card. Then open the dosbox.conf file using any text editor and scroll down till the end and remove the code thr and edit exactly as i hav given below. s60map E:/data/premapper.txt mount c E:\data\ c: c:\tc\install.exe . step 4)Now RUN Dosbox from ur Applications, it will directly Lead you to Turbo c++ installation. . step 5)Click on ENTER , Change Drive location as C -if ur using a Touch Screen phone like mine, use Virtual keyboard to type. . step 6)next it will ask the path where the Setup files are located, just type \TC . Step 7)just click the up button and Scroll and highlight the Start Installation, and Click on it. just wait till installation completes. . Step 8)After SUccessful installation use any text editor and open the dosbox.conf file, at the last line of this file u will find this text c:\tc\install.exe just edit it and change it to, c:\tc\bin\tc.exe Thats It!! If u like then hit thanks

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