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When i started to learn modding i felt lazy to collect all files required :( 

Then i found  MODDING TOOLS BY RUSHI1607

and very happy to see all at one place  :);)

[move]THANKS TO RUSH1607[/move]

Even i took a bit of time for downloading all files  >:D >:D

So i uploaded all files as single file so u can download them :- DOWNLOAD HERE


1 )  Hex editor

2 )  MBMConverterv1.2

3 )  MediaBar Editor

4 )  MIF Maker

5 )  navifirmplus_1.7

6 )  Nokia Firmware cleaner

7 )  Nokia Firmware Editor

8 )  Nokia QWERTY-Keyboard Editor

9 )  nokiacooker_3.0

10) nokiaeditor beta7

11) Petran GUI 1.1

12) RESEdit v2.2

13) ROFS2 Lang Tool

14) RSCEditor_1.4

15) sis editor

16) Sis Explorer 1.1

17) SisContents

18) svg 2 svgt

19) svgb 2 svg

20) SymbianRSC

21) tmgswitcher

If you want separate tool u can get in rushi1607 post ;)

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