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Hello everyone,

My name is Ritobroto Mandal and I'm 18 year old boy from Calcutta.

I'm a freelance designer and a self taught artist who learned and gained all his skills from experiments, probably from my mistakes.

I know its hard to get support from people at this early stage but I'm still trying my level best as in this world if you don't have human resource " I mean friends and connections " you can't have anything..

Even merit and skills doesn't work out these days. Everywhere we see and our eyes goes its like advertisement and promotional activities that are going on everywhere.

Here is my story that happened recently which lead me write this shitty long post.

Few days earlier a competition was sponsored by Adobe India , The competition was all about design and skills Indian student have in design field but it was something else in the background which we management people call "window-dressing" It was for their promotional activities and advertisement they didn't gave any importance to the work or skill set of work they didn't gave a Sh!t about the quality of work the only thing that was matter for them was promotion and advertising ...

No matter how good you are you will not win in that competition unless you are girl or some boy who have a lots of fake a/c or fan following and can vote a lot in few days.

It was a matter of shame because i found out it happens only in India. This is the area, which India, Our Country is lacking behind other..

Well i need the same i don't know how many of you are going to vote for me but still this is not the end for me more opportunity will come but I'll choose them wisely next time :(

Here is all you need to do

Go to this link -- > http://apps.facebook.com/designersoftomorrow/gallery.php?vid=245

and vote for me

One more shameful thing is they also have bug in their application which sometimes not allow people to vote..They don't even care for that also .... " Incredible India. "

If the above link doesn't work out for you then here is the simple way ..

1.Open Facebook

2.Open Adobe India Students Page ---> http://www.facebook.com/AdobeIndiaStudents?fref=ts

3.There in the right side you will find " DESIGNERS OF TOMORROW" application

Clink on that ..

4. After that a new tab will open there will be vote now option open that and find this image and vote

My name >> Ritobroto Mandal << is written under that pic

Please vote if you like my design.

My Design --> Posted Image

Thanks you for spending your valuable time in reading this.


Ritobroto Mandal aka Ritos World of Design

Facebook -- www.facebook.com/ritosworldofdesign

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