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[Strategy game] Empires! UPDATED 1.3


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Note:- This Game is already updated to 1.3 and you can use the exiting Link to Download 1.3.........For Change log click here

Empires! is a real-time strategy game about building and ruling a historical empire.

Beginning with a small village, your task is to build a large, flourishing empire!

Take control of your citizens and guide them to gather resources, construct new

buildings and research new technologies. It may not be easy to survive the first days

when your town is taking it´s first steps, but as your city grows you will definitely face

new challenges when ruling a large empire. Try yourself if you are able to build the

greatest empire of all times!

Features of Empires 1.2:

- 9 building types

- 3 resources to gather

- 3 terrain types

- 3 game modes

- 4 alternative map sizes

- 3 technologies to research

- tutorial mode

- save up to 5 games in full game

- great sound effects

- pinch to zoom during gameplay

The game is still under development and updates adding new features are published frequently.

Download link:


Game icon and Qr-link to the marketplace:

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Posted Image

[img width=700 height=420] large_zps0ca80888.png

[img width=700 height=420] kollaasi_zps0da0172b.jpg

[img width=700 height=420] alku_zpsf7639084.png

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Empires! has been updated to version 1.3 with following features:

    -Construction system has been improved, making possible to accurately position the buildings

    -Improved collision detection

    -Added tool to speed up the game [paid version]

    -Added tool to show locations of all villagers, and detect idle villagers

    -User interface improvements

Posted Image

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