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KARBONN A18 STOCK ROM+FLASH SOFT+GUIDE Download all the 3 Parts,Extract them onto your hard drive ,you will get Drivers,Flashtool,Stock Rom,Zopo Imei and instructions. PART 1- http://mediafire.com/download.php?tu85crmn3jd8h5b PART 2- http://mediafire.com/download.php?b89hdotb8ptlh5x PART 3- http://mediafire.com/download.php?6k49rq7111jl3c1 STEPS- 1.Remove the SIM and battery from the phone(we don't need it for flashing),connect the phone to PC,it will search for the drivers,manually install them from DRIVERS FOLDER. 2.Disconnect the phone. 3.Run Flash tool from Flash Tool_4.0 folder. 4.Click on Download Agent and select MTK_AllInOne_DA 5.Click Scatter Loading and select MT6575_Android_scatter_emmc from the KARBONN_A18 STOCK ROM folder,it will load 13 tracks. MBR,EBR1,EBR2 and USRDATA doesn't load automatically. -MBR,EBR1,EBR2-Load them manually,Single Click on them(windows will open),select the respective file from the KARBONN_A18 STOCK ROM folder. -USRDATA-Don't select it,we don't need it. (So now you have all tracks ticked except USRDATA) 6.Click on Format,dialog box will open- Select >Auto Format Nand Flash- Select >Format whole flash( select it IF YOU HAVE ALREADY FORMATTED IT COMPLETELY AND HAVE LOST NVRAM REGIONS) OR Select>Format whole flash except Bootloader and NVRAM region(select if STILL HAVE NVRAM REGION) NOTE:-NvRAM region contains IMEI,it won't make any difference even if you format whole flash,you can update IMEI after flash. 7.Click>ok,it will start searching for phone,connect phone(without battery),or reconnect if already connected. FORMAT WILL START AND WILL SAY FORMAT OK WHEN DONE(TAKE 5 SECONDS). 8.Disconnect yor phone. 9.Click Download,it will says that not all images are loaded,ignore it and Click>YES,it will start searching for phone,connect your phone(without battery). DOWNLOAD WILL START AND WILL SAY DOWNLOAD OK WHEN DONE. 10.Disconnect your phone,put battery back in phone but don't turn on the phone yet. DON"T TURN ON THE PHONE YET.(WE WILL NEED TO CLEAR CACHE AND FACTORY RESET FIRST)for this- Press Vol Down+Power On Button,Karbonn Logo will appear and phone willl boot into recovery mode. 11.Touch Home Button(1st button on touch screen),Menu will appear(move Up and Down with VOl Up and Vol Down,and select with option button(2nd button on touch screen) 12.Select Wipe cache partition,after clearing cache select Wipe data/Factory Reset(Move to Yes-delete all user data). 13.Select reboot system now. Phone will restart,it will take some time to start (5-minutes),so wait......... After 5 minutes,Welcome screen will appear,set it up as usual. PROCESS IS FINISHED FOR THOSE WHO SELECTED-Format whole flash except Bootloader and NVRAM region,Enjoy. For those who selected -Format Whole Flash.- Phone will show Invalid Imei and we will have to update IMEI with Zopo IMEI.-(Note Down the Imei from back of your phone it is written beneath battery) 1.Install the Zopoimei.apk from the Folder.(it will say Install Blocked,click setting and tick Unknown Sources) 2.Run Zopo IMEI,chinese thing will come,zopo phone is selected,just click OK,error will come error_read_imei12,just click ok. 3.Tick Dual Imei and untick Imei no. are same. 4.Select New-imei 1 and New-imei 2 and type repective 15-digit IMEI No.,Click>Write,it will say Write Success and Reboot,click ok and exit the app. 5.Restart the phone. DONE................ENJOY

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