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Install MAC OS X Snow Leo(iATkos) on PC


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This is A Simple Tutorial by me... For Successfully Installing MAC OS X Snow Leopard on Intel Powered- Desktop / Laptop.

Sorry For Not Posting Any ScreenShots....but I will Post them If I again Re-Installed it... :D

Thanks to all of our forum operators..

All the GGRN people, hey folks 

Team OSX86.Türk, EVOSX86, Project OS X, InsanelyMac, tonymacx86 and other OSX86 development platforms and the developers are the reason for this system to survive..



a) This is an OSX86 installer and this is only designed for Non-Apple X86 Intel CPU computers.

B) Includes Apple's Mac OS X Snow Leo, X86 patches and some basic drivers.

c) You do not need any other OS X system on your target computer, you only need iATKOS Snow Leo burned to 4.7G DVD or restored on a USB media to install OS X Lion.


Hardware Compatibility is the most important subject for this OS.

Requirements for OSX86 system:

- Compatible motherboard

- Intel Core CPU

- Compatible VGA card

- Minimum 1GB RAM

- Minimum 15GB free space on target partition (U should Try With External First)

So, you need to know about the compatibility of your hardware before installing this system. To get your hardware details (Vendor IDs, Device IDs):

-Fire up a Linux Live CD (ie. Ubuntu Live CD), type "lspci -nn" in terminal and take notes.

-Windowsers, get Everest Ultimate Edition and export the information.

After getting your information, you will need to visit Wiki HCL pages and OSX86 forums on the internet.

Mostly, compatible chipsets and device id's work but this is not a rule, same models of different brands with same chipsets and id's may have differences that can result with incompatibility.

Before Installation:

Download This iAtkos

-Download iBoot and Burn it on CD

-Download TransMAC (Google it) If u wanna simple .DMG Burner...

-Backup your personal data

-Write Down your Processor Details..and All Things... Simply Run: dxdiag.exe if you are on Windows as it may required later....

-Check your BIOS settings >>

Execute Disable bit: Enabled

XD: Enabled

Limit CPUID Max: Disabled

Virtualization: Disabled or Enabled, try it.

Hyper-threading: Disabled or Enabled, try it.

HPET: Enabled


-A target partition (primary partition for MBR) or disk will be needed for installation. If you are not an advanced user, then use a clean harddisk with no personal data/OS as for target and unplug all the other harddisk drives connected to your motherboard just to be safe.

Starting the Installation:

-You need very High Patience until you redirected to GUI Install Screen

- Boot using the iATKOS media (DVD or USB)

Download This iAtkos

-Download iBoot and Burn it on CD

- If you have a NetBook with an Intel Atom CPU, then press F8 at boot screen, type "mach_atom" without quotes and hit enter.

- Select the language

Clean Installation:

1- Run Disk Utility via Utilities menu and erase the target for clean install

- You can choose MBR (Master Boot Record) or GPT (Guid Partition Table) via partitioning options. If you want to change your existing partition table type, note that all your existing data on disk will be gone! Please do not play with partitioning options if your are not an advanced user.

2- Select the destination for installation

3- Click Customize* and select what you need and Select this:

>>Modified Kernel -- The First one

>>Apple and Voodoo Audio Codecs..

>>Graphic Driver if in the List + Graphics Enabler

>>Dont Select USB/Ethernet

>>Do not select more than one item for one operation. ie. graphic cards or bootloaders. Only select one bootloader, one enabler method for your graphic card, one method for your sound card, etc.. (I choosed Nothing as Itz Already Ticked) :D

>>"Graphics Enabler" option of the bootloader should be the first choice for activating the OS X driver for your VGA card.

>> Most ATI Mobility VGA cards are not compatible with this system and most compatible ATI cards need their custom packages/modifications which is not included in this release. You must search and find the appropriate driver/solution by your own for such ATI hardwares, so do not continuously ask for ATI support on forum.

NOTE- You may not be able to have success at first trials, so keep on trying.. If you are complaining about having no success on 3rd install, then install Windows XP and be Happy. :P

4- Click Install

5-After Completing 100% Reboot PC..... Dont Remove DVD.... If u have Partitioned with GUID...No Need Of iBoot to be Loaded.... But If U have installed on MBR Partition then Just Put iBoot CD ...Wait until it get load....and then Select MAC OS Partition.... Wait for MAC OS X  Video .. :D

Simple Troubleshooting guide:

At times after installation, your system may not work properly as in - it may restart, not boot at all or hang at a certain point. This is quite normal and there are many ways for it to be fixed. It varies from one case to another case. However this basic troubleshooting guide would help you to fix most of the common problems.

-If you have i3|i5|i7 Core Processors....then you may need Some Bus Ratio Codes for Your Processors ( Google For Them :P )

- If you're facing hangs, freezes or kernel panics (which is present as a shutdown symbol on the screen just after boot) type in "-v" (without quotes) in the boot command of the bootloader. This would give you verbose output which is useful for the solution.

- "Waiting for root device" - It means that OS X doesn't see your hard disk or boot device. You can face with this during dvd boot or after system install during hdd boot.

Change your SATA mode from IDE/RAID to ACHI by your BIOS setup and also you need to check other BIOS settings that might be the problem. This usually fixes the problem. If not, then you can try to install using a USB media. If still no light, then you may have an incompatible hardware for this OS.

If you face with this problem after installation during hdd boot, then reinstall iATKOS by selecting the SATA/IDE drivers for your hardware during install.

- White or black screen during HDD boot - This means that OS X doesn't see your monitor properly or your graphics card isn't working correctly. Firstly boot with "-x -v" to reach up to GUI, then you can search the internet for the solution for your graphics hardware. Secondly reinstall the OS again, but this time make sure you don't select any graphic drivers. If you can login to GUI, you know what to do so.

- Keep in mind that sometimes certain kext patches may not work for your system even though they are the same chipset but a slight variation may cause it not to work on your PC. The result may be a kernel panic again, reinstall back but this time don't select any funny patches/drivers. This would resolve your problem.

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