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EMMC Brick

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Guys hope at least some of you have heard about the emmc brick..for those of you who havnt heres a brief description

>This happens when flashing custom ROMs only on certain phones..specifically ICS leaks though risk still exists for other ROMS also..

>presently has been confirmed for galaxy s2 and galaxy note

>what happens to your phone is basically this--your phones internal memory gets corrupted when you wipe data from CWM recovery

>happened to my friend..he took it to the service centre and only complete solution was a replacement

>since his warranty got over he tried to revive his phone and succeeded in doing so..only that now he has two 2gb of space less and unable to copy large files to phone memory..

>>so flashers beware

the basic problem lies in the hardware and samsung is working for a solution..

meanwhile there is an app to test whether your phone's hardware has the bug..you can download from here..if the app shows that you have the bug then please dont flash..


presently confirmed for the following phones

It is only for the following phones(thanks to shivam94 for info ;-))

- Samsung Galaxy SII.

- Samsung Galaxy Note.

- Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

- Samsung Epic 4G Touch.

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