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Design a class diagram and the whole programming project in java


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STOCK TRADING CALL CENTER SYSTEM Customers call to place an order to buy or sell stocks.  We charge a trading fee of 1% of the amount involved. Each customer has one account. Platinum accounts receive a 10% discount on trading fees, gold accounts receive a 5% discount on trading fees, and silver accounts receive no discount.  Note that it is possible for a silver (gold) account to be “promoted” to a gold or platinum (platinum) account based on a high volume of trade and we also might introduce a new type of account(s) in the future. Each time a customer buys or sells stocks we keep a record of their order, including the date, transaction amount, and trading fee. We preserve all their order records. Every first business day of the year, we calculate total trade amount for the past year and if it is between 500,000 and 1000,000 the account is promoted to gold and if it is more than 1000,000 the account is promoted to platinum. please reply the solution also to my email: [email protected] and [email protected]

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