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All About Font Modding (Adding belle symbols, 6 Page Symbols Etc.)


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Adding Belle Symbols Support To Your Font


1. Font Creator (Professional Edition)

2. A Font modified with Belle Navibar

3. Font u want to modify with Belle Navibar


1. Open the belle modified font (s60snr.ttf) with Font Creator.

Posted Image

2. Right click anywhere inside font creator and select Captions and then select Windows Mapping. Doing this, the names of the characters will be shown as windows codings as u see in the picture. ($00CE for the 'Right Arrow')

Posted Image

3. Now open the font u want to modify with belle navibar.

[img width=770 height=420] ugH5Ot7.jpg

4. Go to the 1st font (belle modified) and look for the belle symbols. For example the 1st belle symbol u can see is the Left Arrow. Note down the windows coding of this character. Here $00C0 for this Left Arrow belle symbol.

Posted Image

5. Now go to the font u want to modify.

Press Ctrl+F and find for $00C0.

[img width=614 height=420] zDvcaj.jpg

6. Now all u need to do is copy the Left Arrow symbol from 1st font (i.e belle modified) and paste in the place of $00C0 in 2nd font (i.e the font u want to mod).

7. Repeat these steps for all the belle symbols.

8. Finally your font (s60snr.ttf) is modified with belle symbols.

[img width=578 height=420] JQ8cgH.jpg

9. Do these for s60ssb.ttf and s60tsb.ttf too.

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Adding 6 Page Symbols To Your Font

All U Need:

1. Font Creator (Professional Edition)

2. A Font already having 6 Page Symbols

3. Font in which u want to add 6 Page Symbols


1. Open the font (s60snr.ttf) having 6 page symbols in Font Creator.

Posted Image

2. Open the font (s60snr.ttf) in which you want to add 6 Page symbols in another window of Font Creator.

Note: Don't open both the fonts in the same window of font creator. If u do this then you will face problem while copy pasting the characters.

[img width=568 height=420] BOGQe93L.jpg

3. Now go to the 1st font window (i.e the 6 page symbols supported) and select the symbols. You can select multiple symbols at a time by just holding the Ctrl button and clicking on the symbols. There are almost 400 symbols. You can select all the symbols at a time or you can select some of the symbols at a time and rest in the next attempt. (e.g: I have selected 98 symbols or glyphs in the 1st attempt)

[img width=701 height=420] t0Pq9pmi.jpg

4. After selecting the glyphs, right click on any of the selected symbols and selet Copy.

[img width=741 height=420] 02al91SV.jpg

5. Now go to the 2nd font window (i.e the font in which you want to add 6 page symbols). Left click on the last glyph so that it'll be selected and u can see it in blue. Now just click on the white space next to the last selected glyph so that the last glyph will appear as in blue border.

Now click on Insert and select Glyphs...

[img width=397 height=420] nGIeik.jpg

6. In the Insert Glyphs pop-up window, enter the no. to that of you selected in the 1st font window. And select the After last glyph option. And click Ok. As you can see the no. of new glyphs inserted. (for me 98 glyphs are inserted now)

[img width=476 height=420] FbmNP6GWk.jpg

7. Now click Edit and select Paste Special.

[img width=423 height=420] jOUVGZWN.jpg

8. In the Paste Special pop-up window mark the settings exactly lick the picture below. And press Ok.

Posted Image

9. Do these steps for rest of symbols you didn't select at the 1st time.

And finally all the 6 pages of symbols will be added in your font.

Save your font.

[img width=595 height=420] QzqF4gJ.jpg

10. Repeat these for s60ssb.ttf and s60tsb.ttf .


Fix Smiley Size (Increase Smiley Size)

Credits: nakazaki & n0tr3v3

1. Normal Smiley:

[img width=236 height=420] WpJyF8ROC.jpg          [img width=236 height=420] 7TJ24zkGiZQt.jpg

2. Increasing smiley size a bit:

[img width=770 height=356] wyiXkf.png

[img width=770 height=373] 81nWL9XSH.png

[img width=236 height=420] Atye3gSDj.jpg          [img width=236 height=420] phv0OD.jpg

3. Increasing a little more:

[img width=770 height=376] zf4Nc9MEVHx2.png

[img width=236 height=420] GqxBViW.jpg          [img width=236 height=420] brzoiCx.jpg

Keep this much size.


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i have only one file s60snr.ttf then what i do ? And how to add 6 page symbol and increase similey size ?

Just make 4 copies of your font and name them as s60snr.ttf, s60ssb.ttf, s60tsb.ttf & S60ZDIGI.ttf.

Now do the moddings with s60snr, s60ssb & s60tsb and leave S60ZDIGI as it is.

I hope it'll do the job.

And I'll add the tuorial for smiley size fix after some times.

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