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AutoWinRarZip Automatically Extracts Zip & RAR Files Placed In A Folder


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If you find it tedious to manually unpack ZIP and RAR compressed archive containers and then delete them, you may need an application like, AutoWinRarZip. It is developed to not only extract archive file content but also to delete the RAR and ZIP files after the extraction process finishes. It particularly comes handy for those who download tons of ZIP and RAR files everyday and then manually extract them. Apart from extracting and deleting the ZIP and RAR containers, it can automatically put extracted content of archive files in their respective folder, making it easier for users to find and navigate through the extracted files. In contrast to previously featured Unpack Monitor which extracts archive files at user-defined intervals, it starts extracting archive content to target folders as soon as it detects one.

AutoWinRarZip operates from system tray; it shows live notification for archives which are being extracted to destination folder. On the main interface, specify both source and target locations followed by extraction options, like delete archive file after after extraction process gets finished and create folder for each archive file in target location....

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Once done, close the main screen to minimize to system tray. When it finds a new RAR or ZIP file, it immediately starts extracting the content and then move it to target folder.

Posted Image

To change the archive extraction options, select Open from system tray menu to bring up main interface. AutoWInRarZip is a must-have application for users who deal with large number of archive files. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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