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HTC One X gets firmware update


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Just two weeks after its official release, HTC One X got its first firmware update. Update is delivered over the air for unbranded HTC One X retail units in Europe.

Here are some of the improvements (noticed by XDA member) in the new 1.28.401.9 firmware update:

  • Builddate 14 april 2012

    New HBOOT 0.94

    New SYSTEM 1.28.401.9

    New RADIO 1.1204.103.14

    Force GPU still not working

    Sense Calender widget crashing fixed

    HTC Calander double dates has been fixed

    EA Games app not included

    Speed improvement

    HTC Sense not crashing anymore

    Screen glitches are gone

    Playing Tegra3 optimized games feels better now, have not had any lag yet

    No 3.x kernell

    HTC Gallery playback goes smoother

    NvCPLSvc.apk not fixed

    ICS detection improved, dots removes in Youtube app

    Beats audio improved, no more skipping

    Non-Sense widget scrolling is now smooth

    Live Wallpaper pausing while going to other pages is still present

    HTC Teeter running smooth now

    Still no USB OTG

There are a number of improvements and fixes in the 1.28.401.9 update, but still no reports if the battery drain bug has been fixed. If you own unbranded HTC One X  running on 1.26 firmware version and want to update to latest version, simply go to Settings > About > Software Updates and grab the update.

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