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C lesson #2-Sum

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Hope you revised the previous lesson..!

if yes you could write a program like this..!

Q: Write a program to print My first C program in screen.

Ok forward to today's lesson we will today use some variables and data types..!

I'll not a teacher to teach you with definations but i'll do my best so a variable can hold differnt values u'll understand what i meant to say till the end of the post..!

now there are different data types like int ,char ,float,long,double

Int      %d

CHar  %ld

Float    %f 

Double  %lf

Char      %c

you might be thinking whats that % % thingy?thats we use where we want to use that data type u'll understand that too till post end..

Now currently therz a lot confsion going on your mind to clear them lets go to programming..!

we learnt till yet how to print things now we will calculate sun of things..!

#include <stdio.h>


void main()


int a,b,c;





printf("%d", c);



Read the program once again now..! here int is the data type we choose

REASON:Because it supports numeric data we could choose float double and long too //

Now than we took 3 variables in int thats a, and c..

The value of each variable is written downwards thats a=10 and b=30 and the other variable c=a+b(means their sun..!

Note: ; is also placed after every line see..

Now going furthur to printf function now as i told you %d is donated for int data type so we wrote


here %d would be replaced by the value of C thats a+b everytym to replace some values we place ,(comma) after the end now simply we meant say in simple words

print that %d in output screen and %d is replaced by C that is sum of a+b..

Out put will be simply 40 in screen //!

Have fun in next class we'll learn about taking sum multiply etc by the values of a and b user input..!

Revise what i taught i'll be asking questions too in next class.!

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