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Fix-up Your Keyboard to Work in the Dark


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Working, gaming or surfing the Internet can actually keep the rest of your family members awake through the night. Leaving the lights on would be sure to disturb everyone around. But if the lights are switched off, you can't see what you are typing, which is a strain on the eyes and frustrating. A small dim light can illuminate the keyboard while keeping the lights of the room switched off.


Step 1:

Carefully open the keyboard by removing all the screws. Locate the Scroll Lock LED (usually found on the small circuit board on one corner inside the keyboard). De-solder the existing LED and connect four wires (two each to one terminal) Drill holes at the two top corners of the keyboard. These holes should be wide enough for the wires to snugly pass through.

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Step 2:

Now pass each pair of wires through the two holes and neatly conceal the internal wires inside the keyboard. Solder the other ends of the wire to the LEDs. Check the positive and negative terminals and carefully solder the LEDs to the wires. Finally close the keyboard again.

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Step 3:

Your keyboard is now ready for use at night. Connect it to the computer and power up the system. You will now be able to switch on or off the LEDs by simply tapping the [scroll Lock] key.

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Step 4:

The workshop demonstrated here is very crude, and you can make it neater by using LED sockets and other materials to give it a more professional look.

Source: LifeHacker

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