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5800 Tips and Tricks


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5800 Tips and Tricks 1. To bring out the Shortcuts on your Screen/Desktop-> Settings/Personal/Home Screen/Home Screen Theme and select Shortcut bar, you can then select which shortcut to display if goto "Shortcuts". This will also bring out the "Track" playing being displayed when you open the Music Player. 2. Tap the Clock to bring out the Clock menu and make your alarm, alarm repeat is now built-in. 3. Tap the "General" or Date (the set Profile besides the clock) and the Profile selection menu pops out, almost similar to pressing the "Power" button in all S60, but here the Remove memory is not shown, but "Calendar" shortcut is included and the other profiles as well. 4. If you are on the Numeric Keypad, pressing the [#] key alternately will toggle the General and Silent Profiles, same as before, which means long press on zero [0] will bring out bookmarks for the Web. 5. Tapping on the displayed To do or Calendar entry will bring you immediately to that particular item. 6. Tapping the Active Icon on the Top Left (near the battery indicator) will give you shortcuts for any of the active icons. 7. Long press on the Green Call Button will still activate the Voice Command Prompt 8. Long press on the center button is similar to the Long press on the "Menu" key (the yin-yang key on most S60) which will bring out the menu for all the active applications. 9. Go to Applications/File Manager and setup "Backup" for automated backup schedule of your phone data. 10. How to update your Nokia 5800 firmware using your phone. Presss *#0000# to display phone factory information and firmware Now press options and select check for updates The newest update is sent to your phone from nokia Download and install updates. This is done using GPRS or WIFI Connectivity.

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