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GizmoLord Advertising Banner + Button


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GizmoLord forum requires some Advertising banners and buttons to be showcased on a advertising platforms.

Kindly contribute some innovative ideas and designs for a perfect advertising Banner and Button

Example of a Banner :

Posted Image

Example of a Button:

Posted Image

Example of an animated banner:

Posted Image

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A sample one .... Please tell me necessary changes and provide site specific icons

icons such as a good looking smartphone + tablet/palmtop + sleek laptop..... I dont have any idea if it look cool or not...just give it a try though... !!!

And try with GL logo too...its been attached here: http://forum.gizmolord.com/index.php?topic=520.0

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first one :)

not perfect ;-)

Its nice but the background color is not impressive in my opinion.

help me with some color combinations ... m too bad at tht  :P

and this is another sample .... anyone can edit it further if they wish.. me gng to sleep ....  (:|

I loved this design....nice work :)

Can you add more logos to it apart from droid bot ? Apple, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows...and in background add more icons in blur effect (sun java, linux, webOS, etc)

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Itz Epic :D

PS:- Use the full space :P

That space is going to be truncated :P

Can you share the psd of this image ? I want to try a little more into it..... and why the GL logo is tilted :P Is he Drunk ? :D

I do banners on a mega psd ..... it's about 40mb and all my projects are on in it :D

If you want i will upload the blank banner or banner with Gizmolord written

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