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How to hold a badminton racket


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SO guys Basic  or extreme when u enter in a court u must know hw to hold a badminton rackquet...!

so here i'm going to teach you how to hold a rackquet..


u see that base of the rackquet is like flat from 2 postions and round like from 2 positions...

pics are added to elaborate what i wrote..

Flat part

Posted Image

Round part

[img width=315 height=420] 06032012014.jpg

SO basically for holding a rackquet

you need

to put your 4 fingers on the flat part and the thumb on second flat part

you hav 2 choices hold from bottom(recommended)...its a little bit dificult but you should always adopt prefect things from starting itself..

[img width=560 height=420] 06032012010.jpg

Or if you are incomfortable than from middle...

[img width=560 height=420] 06032012011.jpg

PROS and CONS of holding correct way and wrong way..!


1. It will help you in slicing shots..

2. you would not need to change postion of rackquet in back hand

3. SOme typical fakes can't be given by wong method..


1. your shot would be traced earlier..

2. you will feel dificult while dropping..

3. Back hand shots which are faster would be missed..

WRong way of holding..

[img width=560 height=420] 06032012012.jpg

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