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55 Tips for Bloggers - Keep Them in your Mind


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Some tips :P 1. Write about something that you love 2. If you are serious about blogging buy yourown domain 3. Make sure your domain name include keyword related to your blog 4. Use a short and easy to remember blog name and blog url 5. Use WordPress, it's better than Blogger in many ways 6. You can use many useful WordPress plugins 7. Blog with consistency 8. Write at least 1 post a day, take rest on Sundays if you want to 9. Proofread, it solidify your content 10. Use examples, some easy one 11. Interact with some expert bloggers 12. Backup your blog on daily basis 13. Get rid of the sidebar calendar or any things that can stuff your sidebar 14. Choose your niche wisely and make sure that it is neither too big nor too small 15. Participate in online forums, mostly of your niche 16. Put a link on your signature, but don't spam 17. Content is king, so keep is unique and original 18. Customize your blog template 19. Keep it simple, your blog template or it's content 20. Keep doing social bookmarking 21. Start joining some blog network 22. write “Top 10 lists" 23. use tags 24. use pinging services 25. write “How to” articles 26. use Feedburner 27. encourage readers to subscribe 28. have some spare posts for emergencies 29. put an RSS subscription icon on every page 30. use readable fonts 31. Don't write long posts 32. just be yourself 33. avoid duplicate content in any way 34. interlink your blog posts 35. read as many blogs as you can 36. focus on important content only 37. use meta tags wisely, don't do keyword stuffing 38. Use basics of SEO 39. use pictures in your examples 40. Give value to your readers 41. place ads wisely 42. be patient 43. consider getting a co-blogger, working alone may not be sufficient 44. share what has worked and what has notworked for you 45. link to other blogs as often as possible 46. make it easy for visitors to contact you 47. use effective titles 48. always answer to questions and comments of your readers 49. offer useful tools or resources to your readers 50. list your best articles 51. talk directly to your readers 52. make your URL structure efficient 53. mention your sources or references 54. consider adding podcasts 55. Write long and interesting list like this one :P

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