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Enable full DWM under Windows 7.

Guest Prayaas Aggarwal

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Guest Prayaas Aggarwal

Hello guys, As we can see, the DWM (Desktop Window Manager) service was implemented as a part of the Aero visual style by Microsoft in the Longhorn (Pre-Vista) Builds. Basically, it can help us have transparency, now called Aero Glass. DWM has a very high potential but to make computers a bit faster, Microsoft has partially disabled DWM. They didn't want to release another Longhorn! But full DWM, looks really cool, and causes no slowdown at all! There are a few requirements: 1) 1 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit processor 2) 1 GB of system memory 3) Support for DirectX 9 graphics with 128 MB memory (in order to enable Aero theme) 4) You must be have True Color (32 bit) set instead of High Color (16 bit). 5) The desktop composition and Animate controls and elements inside windows options need to be enabled in Visual Effects. 6) The Desktop Window Manager Session Manager and Themes Services need to be set as Started and Automatic. 7) Refresh or update your WEI score. You will need an WEI score minimum of 2.0 in both Graphics & Gaming graphics in order for Aero to be activated. Here's how to get it. 1) Log in as an Administrator 2) Choose an Aero theme (Not Basic or High Contrast) 3) Download the version of DWM corresponding to your architecture (32 bit or 64 bit - Both attached) 4) Open the .zip file and extract the dwm.exe and uDWM.dll files to the desktop. 5) Right click on each the dwm.exe and uDWM.sll files (one at a time) on the desktop and click on Properties, General tab, the Unblock button, and on OK. 6) Click the start button, type services.smc and hit enter. 7) Navigate to Desktop Windows Manager in this list. 8) Stop the service. (Black square above) 9) In Windows Explorer, navigate to the original C:\Windows\System32\dwm.exe and C:\Windows\System32\uDWM.dll files. 10) Download the TakeOwnership attachment below if you don't have it. 11) Double click it and confirm its addition to registry. 12) Rename the files in the path above to dwm_old.exe and uDWM_old.dll respectively. 13) Paste the files from your desktop here. 14) Download the Enable All User Full Transparency attachment. 15) Extract the .reg file from the zip file. 16) Double click it and add to registry. 17) Log off and log on again. You're done. Enjoy! --Prayaas.




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