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NetQin Mobile Manager


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NetQin Mobile Manager is designed to keep users in control of their phone, with a private space within the phone, and also to protect the users from distraction on the road.

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The application features a call manager including a text message spam filter, an unwanted call manager, and even a hidden area in the phone for privacy!

Private Space

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Private Space allows users to have a hidden area in the phone to keep private contacts, and private call logs and messages from the aforementioned contacts.

This area of the phone can be hidden, with a 'hidden doorway' to get in.

This ultimately makes this a real 'Private Space' in phone that can't be accessed unless you know how to, keeping ultimate privacy for the end us.

Spam Text Filter

In today’s society, mobile numbers are used for virtually everything. Due to this reason, many businesses have started using this as an opportunity for advertising. Our Spam Text Filter was designed to keep away unwanted text messages that often cause disruptions in the phone. Not to mention, you can also send texts from people you don’t like straight to your spam box!

Unwanted Call Manager

Tired of pesky sales calls or ex's calling all the time? Put them in your blacklist to keep them away! By adding unwanted callers into the black list, unwanted harassing calls will be automatically rejected by the system, allowing you go on without the distraction from unwanted calls.

Website Link: http://www.netqin.com/en/manager/symbian/



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