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Symbian Carla Screenshots Emerge, Show MeeGo-Like UI


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We already knew that Nokia was working on the release of new flavors of its Symbian operating system, supposedly called Carla and Donna, but no specific info on what these might be all about has emerged until now.

Today, however, we can have a close look at the UI in these platform releases, courtesy of a series of screenshots that MyNokiaBlog just brought up.

The screenshots show that Nokia is moving towards a MeeGo-like appearance on Symbian, something that has been mentioned in the Symbian UI guidelines from several months ago (updated in the meantime to better reflect the evolution of the platform).

The latest changes that were applied to Symbian’s UI include modifications to the buttons and to the switches, along with newer notification dialogues.

When compared to what the currently available Symbian Belle has to offer, these changes point at very appealing new flavors of the platform, that’s for sure.

Users should be able to benefit from interactive scroll bar in view, and will be able to scroll either through gestures or by dragging only the scroll bar to the right.

Some other changes are also present throughout the system, though some of the things that would appeal to users have been already included in previous flavors of the platform.

Overall, however, the upcoming Symbian Carla and Donna should provide users with a more consistent experience, making devices far more appealing than currently available ones.

Symbian phones that will get a taste of the upcoming OS flavors will also be able to impress, that’s for sure.

What remains to be seen is when these new OS flavors would be set to make an appearance, since Nokia hasn’t made an official announcement on them until now.

Symbian fans will certainly rejoice learning that the platform is about to become so great, though the fact that Nokia will pull the plug on it in five years or so is no reason to be happy.







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